Thursday, February 3, 2011

New year health tips

If the festive season has left your nerves frazzled and keeping the family entertained was more challenging than easy, and you are looking for a natural solution to help bring a sense of calm, then my tip top is Rescue Remedy! A combination of 5 flower remedies which is great in any stressful situation in creating a calmer you, check this link for more information

January often means an added few extra pounds in weight and a feeling of over-indulgence and sluggishness from all the never-ending food and drink! If this sounds like you, then you could benefit from the homeopathic remedy Nux Vomica 30c. Nux Vomica can help with feelings of nausea and sluggishness that often arise from eating and drinking excessively. It is such a useful remedy to have at this time of year! Nux Vomica is available at most Boots and Holland and Barrett stores.

As the temperature continues to drop, and it seems more and more people are coming down with bugs, it may be worth thinking about boosting your body’s defences. One way is to take a pro-biotic which will help to normalise and increase the friendly bacteria in the gut. More friendly bacteria means a higher chance of eliminating any nasties that enter the body. Another positive effect is improved digestion with less bloating and wind…a win win situation really! My personal favourite is Biocare’s Bio-Acidophilus Forte see for more details.

The short days and late nights can lead to tiredness and fatigue. One way to beat this is to take a daily sachet of Spatone. Spatone is spa water fortified with iron. You don’t have to be anaemic to take Spatone, it’s a fantastic way to top up your energy levels and give you an extra oomph in January! I mix my Spatone with orange juice and take it every morning about half an hour before breakfast to ensure maximum absorption.

These are just some of the treasures I count on to get me through January fighting fit!

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